Thursday, 10 April 2008

Tutorial on how to get camber

This tutorial is to help u get camber angle in GTA (i hope it works for you as i havnt tested it on alot of cars yet)

First u need to open what ever handling editor programe you use, then load ur car in and go to "suspension"

Then u need to soften the damping level i have mine at "0.15" you can probly have it between "0.10 and 0.20" if your suspension is too soft u will need to increse the number but the higher it is the less camber u will have

next you will need to change the "bias between front/rear" as standard for the car i used it was "o.5" i hav changed mine to "0.62" (the more u increse this number the more your car will lean back u will hav to test this for yourselft has other cars may be differnt but i think a "0.10" increse should be the right amount)

and thats all folks ;) hope this helps if u hav any problems or cant get it to work leave me a comment or ask me on MSN and i will try and help you


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